Apple iPhone 3GS: Short review

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About iPhone 3GS

In a nutshell: The iPhone 3G S is easily the best iPhone ever. Apple have filled in the missing pieces of the jigsaw and created possibly the best phone / media player / internet device ever. Highlights include GPS navigation with a digital compass, OS X applications from the App Store, super fast web browsing, Apple's famous music-playing capabilities, up to 32 GB of built-in memory, and Wi-Fi. The only real problem is the price.

The latest iPhone - the iPhone 3G S - launched in the UK on June 19th 2009 on O2, and is now available on Orange and Vodafone too. It is available from free on contract, although you'll have to pay £35 per month for the basic 16GB version. The iPhone 3GS adds features like a video camera, voice control and a digital compass. The camera has been upgraded to 3 megapixels with autofocus. Battery life has been improved and applications run faster. And, set your eyebrows to "shocked" because you can now copy and paste text, and forward messages. It looks like Apple have now managed to fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw and produce a phone that can really deliver on its promise.

Apple iPhone 3GS

There was never any doubt about the basic platform on which the iPhone is built. The original iPhone set the benchmark for touchscreen phones, and the iPhone 3G S is arguably still the best touchscreen-driven phone on the market, in terms of usability. What was lacking in the first two generations of iPhone was the featureset that power users expect from a modern phone. Now, with the 3G S, we can say that there is nothing missing and that the latest iPhone can match any smartphone on the market. That's not to say that it's the best in every department. The camera is still relatively basic when compared to the 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash on the Sony Ericsson C905 for instance. And the HTC Touch HD has a much higher resolution screen. Etc, etc. The point is that the perfect phone doesn't exist - will never exist - and as buyers we have to weigh up the options and choose the one that seems to meet our most important needs. In the past, the iPhone often failed to meet quite basic needs, and had to be excluded from the shortlist, but now it does enough to be considered a real player.

First off, there can be no doubting the sheer style, ease-of-use and fun that the iPhone 3G S delivers. It's such a slim, tactile, good-looking phone with such gorgeous graphics that we want to just kiss it - phwa! The iPhone delivers on its promise to replace three devices with one. One - it works brilliantly as a phone, and once you've started touching your friends' names in the contacts list to make a call, you'll never want to go back to a conventional phone. Two - it replaces your iPod, obviously, no contest. Three - it's definitely one of the top mobile internet devices around, with the wonderful Safari web browser and the easy scrolling and zooming of full web pages, displayed in all their glory. It's also brilliant at email. But the iPhone has more than this. It also has the App Store, which is now a mature library of thousands of applications, many of which you can download for free. Whether you want to play games, access Facebook, edit your photos or plan your finances, you can probably find an app that does what you want.

The camera is a considerable improvement on the previous iPhone. It's now up to 3 megapixels and crucially has autofocus. This works really well in fact - you just tap the screen to tell the camera where you want to focus - quite a brilliant innovation we think. Although the camera can't match most similarly-priced smartphones, it's probably good enough for 90% of users. The video camera isn't bad either, with a respectable VGA resolution and up to 30 frames per second.

The GPS system has been upgraded, with a digital compass added, which is very handy. There are other improvements across the board, such as enhanced YouTube support, voice memos and voice support, and faster apps. All these improvements make a big difference in fact.

Apple iPhone 3GSApple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS

We think that Apple have finally made a device that ticks nearly every box. The iPhone works well as a phone, brilliantly as a media player and portable internet device, and perhaps most of all as a portable mini computer internet games music camera thingy that is so good it's virtually a must-have. Once you have it, you'll ask yourself how you ever lived without it. The only problem is the price. Although it's the best value iPhone yet, it's still very expensive, and you'd be silly not to consider what else you can buy for this kind of money. Options include the Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia 2 or HTC Hero. The bottom line is that if you have this kind of money to spend, you're really spoiled for choice.

Apple iPhone 3GS: Short review

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Features of the Apple iPhone 3GS include: OS X Operating System Assisted GPS with digital compass 3 megapixel camera with autofocus Video camera (VGA, 30 fram ...