Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

ExtraGSM Team  |  April 19 2011  |   Comments 0

Telephony and Messaging

As you probably know, this year iPhone invented video-calling, while the trouble-free signal reception is coming up next year. Jokes aside, we know you probably are anxious to hear about the ''awesome'' new external antenna as well as the unfortunate reception issues. Take a look at what we've experienced with the iPhone 4. For starters, signal bars drop and in a rather fast manner as well, especially when your palm and fingers fold around the bottom left side of the phone. We're guessing it's the contact with the skin that interferes with the antenna while the phone is losing signal. But what makes all these things disappear, is that we had no dropped calls because of it and surprisingly nor any voice quality issues in areas of relatively full strenght signal. On the other hand, in areas of spotty coverage, things got quite messy for the iPhone 4. A simple gesture, such as touching the surface of the phone, caused the voice quality to severely worsen, whilst touching the bottom left corner managed to consistently drop the call. The good news is that as long as you use virtually any type of bumper case, the issue will surely be eliminated. We even tested this theory with an improvised rubber strip along the edge and signal remained steady, not a problem on the horizon. The same test was made on the iPhone 3G and it's obvious that the Number 4 has noticeably better reception, holding on to signal much more steadily and catching on signal much quicker. As a conclusion, you should remember that as long as you are in areas with good coverage, although touching the two antenna parts may compromise the quality of the reception, no dropped calls should appear. However, in areas of relatively low signal, and without a bumper case or something protecting the handset, it shall persistently lose signal and you'll have plenty of dropped calls.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

The messaging application has been significantly improved since the days of the iPhone OS 3.0. Enumerating just a few improved aspects, we have to mention better thread management with delete and forward options, turning on and off message reminders as well as previews and finally the full MMS integration. You can receive vCards,audio files and location data, all these via MMS and also you can use this feature to send video. It can't get much easier to compose an MMS. It's easy to attach an existing photo or even take one a few moments before sending. If you want to send multiple photos or let's say GPS coordinates, you will have to initiate these actions outside the messaging department via the existing Share function according to each application.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

Another important upgrade regards the SMS search. The search bar is conveniently placed above all your conversations and indeed works beautiful. Email threading is enabled, meaning that all emails you exchange with a certain contact are all grouped into a single thread. It works exactly like the conversations in the Messaging app. Also you have a numeric indicator on the Email main screen that enables you to see the number of emails which are stored in every thread.

Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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