Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

ExtraGSM Team  |  April 19 2011  |   Comments 0

Multimedia and Battery Life

The iPhone's gallery is quite simple and it's a real pleasure working with it. All of your pictures are hosted organized in different albums or tabs and it's fairly easy to scroll through the images using simple swipe gestures. A rather interesting feature consists in the fact that the iOS 4 gallery opens each and every image slightly zoomed in, in order for it to fit the whole screen without leaving black bars. While the iPhone 3.0 OS enabled local search in the iPod player, as well as media scrubber, shake-to-shuffle and stereo Bluetooth headset support, the iOS 4 decided to treat the iPod player with a single but needed upgrade. The great new feature that we're talking about enables you to create, edit or delete playlists directly on your mobile, without having to get them only from iTunes. After you successfully create a playlist, you can easily add as well as remove tracks from it at any given moment directly on your iPhone. Sure, it's a pretty common app, which can be found on lots of other phones, but it's nice to notice that Apple is finally responding to what users ask for. The one thing that surely makes everyone dislike iPhone, is the maternal dependency that it has on iTunes for uploading any content. It's a truly great limitation that we hope Apple is going to get over pretty soon. From the audio output point of view, iPhones always were at the top of their game and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The only thing that might have represented a small problem was the relatively low volume, but in the case of iPhone 4, this doesn't even represent a small problem. Apple did the right thing and took care of it, making the Number 4 one of the best music player slash mobile phone that we have ever seen. Better yet, the handset is now identical to the iPad tablet in terms of audio output, which makes us wonder if Apple didn't by any chance included similar hardware inside.

We personally conducted a dedicated iPhone 4 battery life test and the verdict is that we're rather pleased of the final results. Undergoing some normal usage, the phone managed almost three days on a single charge, which is fairly decent, you have to admit. To give you an idea of what we consider as being normal usage, here's more details: 30 minutes of general usage, 80 minutes of playback, 45 minutes of voice calls, 40 minutes of web browsing, 40 minutes of gaming, 30 minutes of photo browsing and just over two hours of music playback. It certainly is an improvement from the 3GS and quite better than we could of hoped for. Even the dedicated video playback turned out with great results at a staggering 9 hours and 30 minutes of test video, really impressive.

Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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