Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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Camera and Connectivity

The Apple iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capable of taking photos at a maximum of 2592 x 1944 pixels. A LED flash is also incorporated, which actually makes some difference given the back-illuminated camera sensor. Autofocus and touch AF(tracks moving subjects) are also present, making the camera much more improved from the previous models. The camera user interface is as simple as it gets, having as controls only a shutter/rec key, flash settings as well as a small thumbnail positioned in the corner which has the role of showing you the last photo that was taken. A cool feature is that there is a switch to toogle between the main and the front-facing camera. By far, this is the best image quality that iPhones have ever pulled off, and it's no accident either. Sharp and vibrant images are the final result which surely will satisfy any person's needs. Unfortunately, the grainy effect of the high noise levels which we came across with the 3GS photos is still quite visible on the iPhone 4 samples too, but just in the case of magnifying the shots at 100%. Here's a phrase that we never thought we'll end up saying: resolution-wise, the iPhone 4 camera is undoubtedly among the best performing 5 megapixel cameraphones on the market. Regarding the video quality, we have to say that it's quite good and that the framerate is mighty consistent. Would it be too much to ask for some sort of digital image stabilization to keep handshake under control?. We're guessing yes.You can only acces video clips from the gallery and they can be sent over email, MMS or even better, directly uploaded on YouTube.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

A great, wonderful feature of the iPhone 3.0 OS was enabling third-party developers to create certain kinds of applications that have the role to communicate with accessories or peripherals over a USB or a Bluetooth connection. Sadly, we didn't actually see many results from that but the good thing is that it might just get a boost from Apple's new flagship. The iPhone 4 is Bluetooth v2.1 enabled with A2DP used for streaming music to a compatible stereo Bluetooth headset or even speakers. The bummer is that Bluetooth file transfers are not available while peer-to-peer connections over Wi-Fi are a good way around this but the downside is that they only work between iPhones. Wi-Fi b/g/n standards are easily supported by the Number 4 and although we didn't actually have a wireless N router in order to engage in a proper test, we can definitely confirm that the Wi-Fi connection is significantly faster than that of the 3GS over a G connection. A good aspect to remember is that if you press your palm against the iPhone 4 antenna, you'll strangely get a signal boost, as opposed to the problem you'll encounter with the call signal. Also on the update page, we have to mention the iOS 4 Safari browser which is very fast, offering fluid scrolling as well as great loading speeds.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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