Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

ExtraGSM Team  |  April 19 2011  |   Comments 0


In the final words, there isn't much to say. We personally enjoyed reviewing the iPhone 4 and we consider it as an oustanding handset. Apple sure knows how to give people what they want, it's almost a bit of a brainwash, making the Number 4 not the perfect smartphone but quite possible the perfect product. In order not to let ourselves be mesmerized entirely, we have to mention that it still has some very important features which are missing, such as some software and multimedia limitations and the most annoying of them all being the iTunes dependency. But this doesn't matter at all, people put up tents in front of Apple stores to get one and this tradition will surely continue. The iPhone 4 will surely outsell the older generations and not without good reasons. It's simple, the phone is now sexier, has that unique screen, better imaging and a monster fast CPU.

Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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