Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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Design and Construction

The fourth generation from Apple is officially born. The iPhone 4, as the case with all the previous models, is a phone which everybody either hates or loves. One thing is certain, Apple's latest is always the greatest. They try to make it look as if they put less effort into making it than they actually do. Still, this can't be the case with this phone, the hard work being more than obvious. The iPhone 4 has a brand new look, new feel as well as plenty of new skills. Sure, it might sound risky to adopt a new look for the iPhone, taking under consideration that they didn't bother to change the design until now and still managed to sell ship loads of the product. The good news is that, at least from our point of view, Apple nailed it once again. Sure, the iPhone 4 may not have anything in common with it's predecessors but the main idea that made iPhone what it is, was that no design is the best design.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

It's design is probably the most minimalist on the current market and the Number 4 definitely knows better than to try anything else. They practically started from zero, made few if any changes to it and managed to end up with an awesome new design. If this isn't magic, i don't know what is. It somehow feels more delicate than the older versions, it's thinner, more advanced, sharper and refined. Don't make the mistake of calling the iPhone 4 a fragile phone, despite the glass being fairly easy to shatter, it feels and is quite solid. If you put a 3GS and an iPhone 4 side by side on the table, you will surely argue everything i said earlier, sice you might have a hard time noticing immediate differences. You will remain slightly confused only while the screens are off, because once the incredible Retina Display powers up, you will throw away the 3GS, before it feels the embarrassment. And take under notice that it was considered one of the top phone screens out there. The new styling is much more visible at the rear, since it has glossy surface instead of plastic, and it's also believed to be scratch-resistant and much more sturdy than plastic. Obviously, this does not mean that if you really want to scratch or brake it, you won't be able to. Its oleophobic coating, both on the front and rear, is meant to reduce fingerprints and it does that quite well, although there isn't much you can do to keep the high-gloss surface clean. At least smudges are easily removed, thanks to the special coating, which is a good thing. Up front, you shall find a newly added secondary camera, which is located right next to the earpiece, on the left side. The proximity and the ambient light sensors are above the display while the round Home button is the only thing existing at the bottom. The phone's Retina display is without doubt the highest resolution screen we've ever seen in a mobile phone. Retina is merely a marketing name made up by Apple in order to differentiate it, although no extra differentiation is needed, because it really is the best screen out there.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

Since the resolution has been bumped up four times, it's a little weird that the new display has the exact same size as those on the previous iPhones (3.5 inches). Say goodbye to the 320 x 480 pixels from the previous generation and embrace the magnificient 640 x 960 pixel resolution on the iPhone 4. This obviously makes images appear much sharper and smoother than ever before. LED backlighting is also present, resulting contrast ratio of 800:1, 4 times better than the previous ones as well. The good news is that things look as good in reality as they do on paper. Colors are truly vibrant, the 16M-color capacitive display delivers excellent image quality, the blacks are deep and the sunlight legibility is as good as it gets. No changes made to the touch sensitivity, but honestly it couldn't get much better than it already is. Not to worry, multi-touch support is also present.

Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4: Very good phone, like all from Apple

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