BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 24 2011  |   Comments 0

Calling and Messaging

Finally, RIM has taken care of this problem and now, on the Bold 9780, although there is a little functionality wrong, we won't hold it against it and admitt that certain measures were taken. As for the call quality, no problem in this department. It may not be the best signal we've heard but it's strong and the other person's voice can be understood in a very clear manner. What's really impressive is the external speaker, so there's no problem in letting multiple people hear a certain call. The troubles start to arise when it comes to having a signal. We tried out the Bold 9780 on T-Mobile and it prooved useless in any classical trouble spots, losing all signal in places where not even an iPhone 3GS didn't encounter problems. Still, when we managed to be clear and in a strong 3G signal, we noticed that speed was good enough and the signal was maintained decently, but people out in the sticks should be on a look out. To be honest, we never did try it out in the sticks, but we were in the middle of the city and the signal still had some woes, so our guess should be correct.

BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780

As everybody expects, the messaging on the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is comprehensive to say the least. The messaging app enables you to see in just one view things like Facebook messages as well as your email. Then you select a message and immediately you'll find yourself into the relevant email or Facebook account, allowing you to interact more directly. Also, the same application allows you to compose messages for pretty much any of the services on your device, meaning anything from text, Twitter, IM and many others, as well as any others indirectly attributed to the way it tie into the Social Feeds application.

BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780

No fuss or waiting are requiered when it comes to setting up several email accounts on the device, having at your disposal services such as Gmail able to be set up with just your username and password. Dont't get too excited, you still haven't got the option to use the more fancier Wi-Fi to do any of these things, being strictly necessary to use mobile internet. We had a few complaints regarding the poor signal picked up by the Bold 9780, but don't be discouraged because if you get a good 3G signal, setting up an email account is really child's play. Your emails are arranged in a nice, clear date order which you can navigate through by skipping forward and back for days and days.

BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

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