BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 24 2011  |   Comments 0

Camera and Multimedia

Featuring a five megapixel camera, the BlackBerry 9780 has undergone a serious improvement over the 3.2 megapixel snapper on the previous Bold 9700. A LED flash is present, as well as geotagging and you can quickly access the mode options including features like Sports, Face Detection and Party, among others of course. There's a 3x digital zoom, which is fairly enough and the Autofocus mode can be set to continuous or single shot.

No mettering or white balance options are present, nor are there any other effect, but still the camera functionality has obviously improved a lot from previous versions. The colors are good and the details aren't washy at all, taking under consideration that it's mainly a business phone, you should be more than satisfied with its capabilities. About the video recording aspect, not much can be said. It surely isn't a powerhorse but it does take 640x480 (VGA) videos at 24fps in 3 GP format, also a decent capacity. The quality really isn't bad at all, and although it takes a few seconds for the Auto Focus to kick in, the moment it does so, the details are almost crystal clear, which is a huge accomplishment for a VGA video.

With BlackBerry 6, RIM is really pushing the point of media interface. Currently boosted with the addition of album artwork, the music player sports a further refined interface and you can easily browse songs by Artist, Album, Playlist, Genre or you can simply go through all the songs present. We tried loading an H.264 video on BlackBerry's website and although it only lists MPEG-4 Simple Profile, H.263 and WMV as compatible video formats, it managed to play out our video without any problems. No waiting is needed when it comes to the picture gallery. It really is snappier than ever and the pictures load immediately. Anything you snap can easily and quickly be sent as a message or email and even send it straight to Facebook.

BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

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