BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

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Display and Keyboard

We all know and almost all of us love the BlackBerry line. The Bold 9780's is the RIM's latest flagship phone and the subject of our present review. Starting off with the aspect of design, we have to notice that it doesn't exactly provide a huge shock for classic RIM fans. Even more, whoever made acquaintance with the Bold 9700, which is the 9780's predecessor, will surely be in familiar territory. In the same territory we shall also find the previous owners of the Curve 9300 model, which has the identical buttons layout on the phone's front as the latest Bold. Of course, as far as RIM is concerned, there is virtually zero interest when it comes to the redesigning aspect, and preffers to concentrate more on what interests the businessman. As a rather big difference from the Bold 9700 is the lack of chrome which in our opinion is a good thing. Black is definitely back when it comes to the Bold 9780, and it really works. It has a glossy exterior making it a very handsome handset and the lack of all the smooth all-covering glass surface present on virtually everything starting from the iPhone 4 and the HTC HD7, is a real plus.

BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780

It weighs in at 136g, obviously not a light phone, but taking under consideration the shape and size (114x66x15mm) and the fact that you will often use it with both hands, it's not such a bummer. As a whole, it has a nice thickness and it's really comfortable to get all your fingers around it. As expected from any BlackBerry, the built quality is trully excellent, what used to be chrome is currently glossy black, the QWERTY keyboard is a somewhat matt black as well as the area surrounding the battery cover on the back.

BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780

Did someone say keyboard? undoubtedly, one of the phones high points is the keyboard. It simply is remarkable. The keys benefitt from a certain curve depending on which side of the keyboard they belong to. Whether or not this makes a difference from the usability point of view remains a mistery, but still the fact remains. You get a nice amount of feedback, thanks to the firm click which the keys have when you use them. Also, during the night, it's a pleasure to send nessages or enterprise any other activity using the keyboard, which is backlit in a very nice and clear mode. If any of you were wondering why we hadn't said anything about the BlackBerry's usual little red light, it was just a tease. It's in the same place, the top-right of the phone's front fascia and it looks as cool as always.

BlackBerry Bold 9780: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

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