5 Technologies That Serious Athletes Should Invest In

April 12th 2017, 0:02 by Gabe Gordon

Nowadays, the introduction of advanced sports technology has enabled athletes to monitor their individual progress and collaborate as a team. Athletes are now provided with a wide range of options from wearable tech to downloadable apps. However, there are essential technologies that serious athletes should invest in. Below are just 5 examples of these must […]

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The Best Hardware For Developers

March 20th 2017, 21:29 by Gabe Gordon

When most people think of accessories or tools for developers, they think of software. Text editors, integrated development environments, compilers and so forth are the technologies that help developers do their work. But what about computer hardware? Are there devices and platforms that can help developers and programmers be more productive and better at their […]

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As of late 2015, 46% of all videos were viewed on mobile devices. Considering that number had grown by 35% over the previous year and 170% since 2013, it’s safe to say that the act of watching video on smartphones is trending upward. In fact, with the introduction of larger phone screens such as on […]

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Three Awesome Features That Set The New MacBook Apart

January 25th 2017, 21:57 by Gabe Gordon

It was nearly a full two year wait between when Apple introduced the 2016 MacBook Pro and when the previous 2015 model was released. With the new release, however, came a huge number of advanced features and the first total redesign in the last four years. Here are three key features of the MacBook Pro […]

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Having an iPad Air 2 or not?

January 15th 2016, 11:02 by Razvan Dubau
Ipad Air 2 - MultiTasking

Most of you probably asked yourself  if it’s worth to buy a tablet for your personal use. Well, this depends on what your needs are and what you expect from that device to do. Also the brand and the operating system can do a difference. If you have only Android devices in your home, I […]

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How to stream audio from iOS or Windows to Raspberry Pi

January 10th 2016, 17:46 by Razvan Dubau
Shairport appearing into iOS Airplay list

Few months ago I was searching on internet about how to stream every audio from my laptop, to my Raspberry Pi which was connected to my home speakers. Why? I just wanted to listen Youtube from my laptop directly on speakers, without any jack cable connected to it (wirelessly). So, after few days of searching, […]

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Use ESP8266 module as a wireless switcher

December 16th 2014, 14:30 by Razvan Dubau
ESP8266 WiFi module

After we managed to connect the ESP8266 WiFI module to Raspberry Pi, we can now try to change the module firmware to a custom one. The firmware we will install on it is a simple webserver, that will handle HTTP requests. It will allow us to access a web interface for ESP8266. The interface will […]

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Use Raspberry Pi as an audio media player controlled remotely

December 6th 2014, 15:39 by Razvan Dubau
Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show you how to use your Raspberry Pi to play music stored on your PC, laptop or on its own storage. You can control the music play from your PC or from an Android and iOS based devices. Of course, for doing this, you have to connect the Raspberry and the other […]

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Connect ESP8266 to Raspberry Pi

December 3th 2014, 16:19 by Razvan Dubau
ESP8266 pinout

This small tutorial is meant to help you connect the ESP8266 wifi module to Raspberry Pi through serial port. It will show you how to run a simple AT command and how to connect the chip to your wireless router using these commands. Before starting the wiring, I highly recommend you to use a breadboard. You […]

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All New HTC One

It’s only been a day since the All New HTC One was launched and it already went through a terrible experience. Sporting a 5″ 1080p display, better Snapdragon 801 processor and Duo Camera, the new HTC One looks awesome. However, there’s wasn’t any mentioning about water resistance or similar capabilities. Naturally, a curious YouTuber decided […]

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