The HTC One (M8) gets wet, dropped, keyed and hammered – see if it lived

March 26th 2014, 19:19 by Christian
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It’s only been a day since the All New HTC One was launched and it already went through a terrible experience. Sporting a 5″ 1080p display, better Snapdragon 801 processor and Duo Camera, the new HTC One looks awesome. However, there’s wasn’t any mentioning about water resistance or similar capabilities.

All New HTC One

Naturally, a curious YouTuber decided to put it to the test and dipped the smartphone in water for over an hour and a half. You can check out the video below:

Well, we really had our doubts about this one – obviously, you should never dip a non-IP-certified device in water, but it’s good to know the One doesn’t mind getting wet once in awhile.

But the ordeal isn’t over for HTC’s new Android flagship – below you can check out a couple of more videos which really put the handset to the test:

It seems like the HTC One (M8) was able to handle two drops without two much damage to its screen, but the last one really made it shatter. Next is an even more sadistic video:

So in conclusion the All New HTC One is rather tough considering its jewel-like exterior. Sure, the metal back and sides are surprisingly susceptible to scratches, but the glass on the display is a real die hard.

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