5 Technologies That Serious Athletes Should Invest In

April 12th 2017, 0:02 by Gabe Gordon
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Nowadays, the introduction of advanced sports technology has enabled athletes to monitor their individual progress and collaborate as a team. Athletes are now provided with a wide range of options from wearable tech to downloadable apps. However, there are essential technologies that serious athletes should invest in. Below are just 5 examples of these must have tech tools.

Motion Analysis


Just recently, Leomo Inc., a tech company specializing in wearable connected devices, unveiled their plans to launch the TYPE-R, a tool designed to measure athlete movement, performance, and physical data during an actual training or game. The technology works through sensors which are strategically placed in different locations to measure different aspects of the athlete’s movement. According to the developers of the device, the goal is to unobtrusively collect data not only to monitor performance, but also to prevent injury. The tech company is eyeing a summer launch for the product.

Smart Watches


These devices are getting better with every generation. Portability is still its strength among different types of wearable technology. A smart watch can have several advanced features, including GPS and a performance metric tracking system. One of the trending pieces is the Garmin Vivoactive HR which has a variety of GPS sport modes to choose from, including swimming and golf.

Smart Eyewear


There are more uses for sunglasses today. Aside from providing essential protection against harmful UV rays, other pieces are integrated with advanced features. For example, take the Oakley Radar Pace, a multi-functional piece with audio features that can be activated via voice prompt. Users can connect with Siri or any preferred smart personal assistant or access a customized fitness data bank that can help monitor and manage performance targets and goals. The smart eyewear was developed in partnership with Intel and operates with a set of sensors that measure speed, direction, and even humidity.

Shoes with Sensors


An example of the current crop of smart footwear is the Under Armour’s SpeedForm men’s running shoes, which comes integrated with sensors to track running metrics. Meanwhile, the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 has a self-lacing and self-adjusting capability based on the comfort level of the user. Similarly, the shoes are equipped with sensors that are activated by movement.

Team Communication Tools


Keeping track of team schedules and events requires a reliable cloud-based communications and messaging app. Collaboration apps, such as Slack, allow managers and coaches to create their team messaging system and provides options for group and individual messaging.

Having one app to track and connect with all team members ensures consistent collaboration at all times. Slack provides coaches and managers with the necessary tools to streamline the information dissemination process with just one app. As a bonus, the app allows video and voice call options and can be integrated across different types of operating platforms.

Sports technology has reached a level of advancement allowing athletes to optimize their performance with a variety of applications, gadgets, and wearable devices. In the near future, more innovations will be integrated into these items to make them more streamlined and portable.


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