3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Phone Screen Clean

April 11th 2019, 17:52 by Gabe Gordon
keep phone screen clean

Everyone uses cell phones these days and it should be no surprise to anyone that their screen can get dirty. Throughout constantly using the phone all day, you may not realize how many germs, dirt, oil and debris end up on our screen. Not to mention, when you’re eating and using your phone, you transfer […]

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As of late 2015, 46% of all videos were viewed on mobile devices. Considering that number had grown by 35% over the previous year and 170% since 2013, it’s safe to say that the act of watching video on smartphones is trending upward. In fact, with the introduction of larger phone screens such as on […]

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Every kid knows that BlackBerries are renowned for their high-levels of security, and that’s why – despite lagging behind in terms of features – they’re still being used by many corporations and government agencies around the world. Still, if you’re extra paranoid and are on the lookout for added security, Secusmart GmbH comes to the […]

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