eBay bought a startup that enables you to try clothes on virtually

February 20th 2014, 19:55 by Christian
Posted in: Internet, Marketing

Buying clothes online is something we all do from time to time. There’s just something great about lazing around in your underwear making different purchases. The tricky part however is to somehow figure out if that awesome T-shirt complements your figure.

eBay startup virtual model

This is where eBay comes in, and decided to make things easier for users. The online retailer has just acquired a startup company named PhiSix which basically turns patterns and pictures of clothing into 3D models you can virtually try on.

Those jeans, skirts, blouses or whatever item you might choose get draped on a virtual avatar (instead of your own body), thus giving you a sense of how the actual articles fit and move. Punch in a few basic measurements, and you’ll even get size recommendations tailored especially for your frame.

In the long haul, the company intends to extend those virtual dressing rooms to third-party retailers, which seems to have great potential. eBay even wants to take things to the next level, bringing the virtual experience to brick-and-mortar stores too, but that would be a bit far stretched, considering you can just try everything on yourself.



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