Everything you need to know about the new Apple X Face ID feature

September 15th 2017, 7:08 by Christian
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Back in 2007 most of us were just getting used to the first ever iPhone device, and all the ways it was pioneering the industry. However, Steve Jobs was already thinking two steps ahead, on a different paradigm shifter – the Face ID feature.
The mastermind at Apple, Jobs hated logins and passwords and knew that as people will be using the smartphone as a primary connected computer, they would go on and off for hundreds of times a day. He needed to come up with a technology that allowed the fastest and most convenient access to the device.

Remember the Swipe to Unlock? that was smart, fast and worked flawlessly but it wasn’t good enough. Then came the TouchID feature, which again was revolutionary and everyone was excited. Still, Apple knew it had to continue the Steve Jobs legacy of constant progress, and that is why we are now talking about the next generation of authentification – Face ID.

This new technology will be available on the new Apple X – priced at $1149. Face ID is simple to set up and uses the TrueDepth camera to project and analyze over 30,000 invisible infrared dots, in order to create a super detailed 3D map of your face. In simple language, you just look at your phone and it automatically unlocks. Easy peasy.

The infrared front facing camera manages to read the structure below the skin and uses micro moments to confirm that it is a live subject and not an image activating the process.You can grow a beard, change hairstyle or wear glasses, the iPhone X will still recognize you.

Bringing additional security, Face ID is attention aware, so it will only unlock the iPhone X when you look at the device with your eyes open. This is awesome since it means that it will also reveal notifications and messages, keep the screen lit whilst reading and even know when to lower the volume for alarms and ringers.

It takes less than 3 milliseconds for Face ID to activate the phone and the AI will also realize when you look away and automatically lock it. Using this, it shouldn’t take long till Apple opens a Face ID Kit API development tool, which will allow for a variety of unique attributes being added to apps.

Obviously, the relationship between Apple and AI is just starting. Acquiring Emotient last year means that their new technology merging with the Face ID feature might be used to reveal the emotional state of the user, by simulating the transient movement of the muscles that are in charge of facial expression and emotional intent. That is both very cool and kinda scary.

Face ID is definitely a game changer. In a couple of years, seeing someone with a password will make us giggle. As smartphones move deeper in the world of AI, there will be changes in the way we use apps, payments, social media, everything. Machine learning at your fingertips. Steve Jobs would be proud.



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