Facebook allegedly plans to buy Face.com for $100 million

May 29th 2012, 15:11 by Christian
Posted in: Marketing

We have to admit that these reports are unconfirmed, but more and more voices claim that Facebook is planning to buy face recognition company Face.com, for about $100 million. This deal would allow Facebook to implement the face recognition technology of Face.com, in order to automatically tag the people in photos, thus sparing you the effort.

Facebook has been really active these past few months, going public with a cool $100 billion valuation, acquiring Instagram for $1 billion, announcing its own App Center, and allegedly planning to release its own phone and to buy Opera in order to create its own web browser.

In case you didn’t know, Face.com has its own Facebook tagging app, dubbed Photo Tagger, as well as its own iOS app called KLIK. The company’s CEO, Gil Hirsch, gave the classic ”no comment” answer, when asked about the truth behind all of these speculations. We’ll keep you posted.



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