Google pays $3.2 billion in cash for Nest Labs

January 14th 2014, 9:51 by Christian
Posted in: Android, Innovations, iOS

In a rather surprising move, Google stepped up and paid a huge amount of money for designer and manufacturer of home products Nest Labs. The search engine thus continues its recent string of acquisitions, but this time, pays a hefty price – $3.2 billion.


Nest Labs was founded by two former Apple executives and brings modern design and functionality to a broad range of home products. Its current flagship device is a smart-thermostat, which is capable of learning user behavior and is able to tell whether a building is occupied or not using a complex mix of temperature, humidity, activity and light sensors.

The manufacturer also has a smoke detector on sale, and alongside the learning thermostat, can connect with Android and iOS devices in order to enhance their usual functionality.

For the time being, Google hasn’t announced its plans for Nest Labs, but it did mention that they will continue to operate with its own brand, under the same leadership of current CEO Tony Fadell.

Naturally, it’ll take a couple of months until the regulatory approvals kick in, but it’s all a done deal.



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