Have a look at Samsung’s new S Band wearable fitness tracker

March 17th 2014, 21:00 by Christian
Posted in: Android, Innovations

The original S Band was expected to be launched alongside the Galaxy S4, but it never saw the light of retail day. However, Samsung apparently hasn’t given up on its wearable tracker and intends to bring it to the market with the release of the Galaxy S5.

Samsung new S Band

The S Band fitness tracker is expected to be launched in a few months, and before you go comparing it with the Galaxy Gear, or other Android smart watches, you should know that it will not be featuring a display. Instead, it’s packed with a sensor, capable of tracking the calories you’re burning, the steps that you’re taking, as well as your sleeping habits.

It’s also got a built-in alarm that notifies you about phone calls and messages, and can function as a loss-protection device. If you walk more than 10 meters away from your phone, the S Band’s built-in tracker will sound an alarm, which can come in useful in some occasions, but could also prove quite annoying at times.

Samsung will release a variety of colorful rubber bands that you can insert your S Band into, which will be compatible with the current crop of Samsung devices. Wearable devices – everyone’s doing them.



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