Having an iPad Air 2 or not?

January 15th 2016, 11:02 by Razvan Dubau
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Most of you probably asked yourself  if it’s worth to buy a tablet for your personal use. Well, this depends on what your needs are and what you expect from that device to do. Also the brand and the operating system can do a difference. If you have only Android devices in your home, I suggest to buy an Android tablet. Same thing about Apple products! If you’re a fan of Apple and have many iOS devices in your home, you should probably buy an iPad, to get as much as you possible can from it.

I decided to buy a tablet few months ago. But I wasn’t able to decide which one I should buy, Apple or Samsung. The main activities I wanted to do on it, were just some simple tasks, like, reading different articles, tutorials, email access, playing some music from Youtube and have access to Google Docs (Excel, Word, Power Point). Nothing rocket science, so I was thinking at Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or Tab A (both with an 8″ display). Tab A was cheaper than the iPad Air 2, but didn’t had some premium features like fingerprint sensor or high end display. The Galaxy Tab S2 has almost the same specifications like the iPad and the only difference was the OS.

Android versus iOS ?!?

Apple vs. Samsung

In the end I chose the iPad Air 2.

I was already an iPhone 5s user and I was very happy about the possibility to stream any audio from iOS to my Raspberry Pi or Apple TV, which are connected to my home speakers. It was a hard decision because I wanted the Android tablet more, because of the flexibility of the operating system and also because I have experience in building apps for Android. I spent about 2 weeks in finding solutions on how to stream audio from Android device to Raspberry Pi and none of the solutions I’ve found were as good as the AirPlay protocol, that Apple devices supports natively.

I’m very happy with it and I can confirm that my laptop is full of dust since I bought the iPad. A good case for it and it can be used instead of any PC for most common usage.
Another plus that an Android tablet has is the support for multi-users. Apple doesn’t have support for that and it’s annoying that I have to sign-out my wife’s Facebook, to enter on my account. Samsung treats this more elegantly.

Ipad Air 2 - MultiTasking

Of course, buying a tablet is different for any of us. First, think about the features you expect from it to have, study a bit if it is compatible with other devices you have and also be sure you understand the difference between iOS and Android. Don’t just buy a tablet because it’s fancy than other :).


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