Infographic shows hard to digest truth behind majority of apps in app stores

August 29th 2013, 16:45 by Christian
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All the companies behind mobile OSes only tell us the good parts, such as which one has the most number of apps in their respective app stores, but mobile app testing company StarDust decided to conduct a 6 month study in order to find out the whole story behind these apps.

Infographic small

iOS, Android and Windows Phone were the OSes considered in the study, and although the numbers seem to be a little old (especially the total number of apps), the percentages are mostly true. The study focuses on how many old apps get updated and how many end up abandoned.

The results show that these companies have nothing to be proud about. Windows Phone has the most ”dead” apps, meaning the ones with no recent updates and less than 10 ratings or comments from users.

iOS comes in second, not at a big distance, while the Play Store seems to be a little fresher. However, iOS get a lot more comments than Android and WP combined.

Anyway, the infographic gives you all the details you need, so check it out:

Infographic full



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