LG presents revolutionary curved batteries for phones and wearable devices

October 8th 2013, 22:35 by Christian
Posted in: Innovations

LG Chem, which is a part of LG Corp. has just revealed some awesome batteries which are intended to be used in future devices. These batteries are categorized as follows – Stepped Battery, Curved Battery and Cable Battery.



LG decided to break away from conventional rectangular batteries, since those ones don’t fit well into certain phone designs, especially the upcoming LG handsets with flexible displays.

The Stepped Battery is already into mass production since July, and is currently being used in the LG G2. Basically, it consists of two batteries stacked on top of the other, which do a great job of filling the internal volume of the phone.

Furthermore, it gives any handset which uses it (currently the LG G2 and Moto X) an impressive 3,000mAh capacity, 16% more than a traditional battery.

As for the Curved Battery, it’s set to power devices which will feature curved screens or flexible displays, including smartphones, watches or glasses.

Probably the most interesting of them all is the Cable Battery, which is bendable, wearable and can even be tied into a knot, without affecting its capability.

This particular type of battery doesn’t heat up as much and is also water resistant, thus making it a perfect match for smart watches and smart necklaces (which are already popular projects on Kickstarter).

LG is aware that competitors are also working on similar batteries, but it intends to keep the head start that it currently has.

On October 16, LG Chem will be demonstrating these batteries, as well as other innovative products, and we’ll be on site reporting back.



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