Nokia apparently hasn’t given up on its Android prototype

September 19th 2013, 18:29 by Christian
Posted in: Android

Prior to the Microsoft acquisition announcement, we’ve seen some reliable sources talking about a certain Android smartphone that Nokia has been working on.

Nokia Android prototype mock up

Naturally, when it became clear that Microsoft will be in charge from now on, we thought that the Android project was abandoned, but it seems like this it isn’t the case.

According to a report from a Weibo account CTechnology, Nokia’s Android smartphone is dubbed ”Mountain View”, and there are already 10,000 prototype units made and delivered by Foxconn.

The ”Mountain View” ┬áis based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chipset, and is indented to be an affordable device.

Now, the reason why Nokia hasn’t given up on this project is because of recent tensions regarding the Microsoft acquisition, and this is probably their plan B in case it all goes downhill with Windows Phone.

Still, the deal is likely to take place in about two months, and when it does, the Android initiative will almost surely be forgotten. Regardless of the scenario, we hope to get to see the ”Mountain View” prototype in future leaks.



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