Samsung Galaxy S5 will reportedly feature an eye-scanning sensor

October 18th 2013, 17:50 by Christian
Posted in: Innovations

Ever since it became clear that the Galaxy S5 will see daylight within the first few weeks of 2014, rumors have flooded the web, potentially shedding some light on the flagship’s features.


Today’s news regards an eye-scanning sensor, which should debut on the next generation of the popular Android smartphone. This somewhat revolutionary feature is said to give users the opportunity to unlock their Galaxy S5 using nothing more than their eyes.

Although we recommend that you take this rumors with a pinch of salt, it wouldn’t surprise at all if it were to come true.

After all, we’ve been seeing other big manufacturers such as Apple and HTC, equipping their devices with significantly higher-level security options – like the current crop of fingerprint sensor.

The eye-scanning sensor would simply represent the next level. And pretty much all Galaxy S flagships brought on the next level.



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