Samsung launches the S Health wellness app for the Galaxy S III

July 3th 2012, 21:55 by Christian
Posted in: Android

Finally, an app that is useful! Samsung Galaxy S III owners now have the possibility to sync their awesome smartphones with all sorts of medical equipment, allowing them to effectively measure and monitor health statistics.

S Health enables your handset to connect to various weight, blood pressure or glucose monitors, in order to present a certain person’s health profile over an unlimited period. This health profile can be viewed or shared via SNS services and is a great tool for health care patients and doctors to track historic wellness profiles.

Users also have the option to set different wellness goals and keep track of their progress while heading towards them. It even tracks calories consumed during workouts, so it’s much easier now to follow an exercise plan.

For starters, S Health will be available in South Korea and the US, but also in five European countries on the Samsung App Store. You can also access the More Services link on your S III, and you should arrive in the same place. Let us know what you think!



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