Skype video messaging service available on both desktop and mobile

June 19th 2013, 13:06 by Christian
Posted in: Others

The Skype video messaging service has been in the beta stage for quite some time now, but it’s now finally moved past that and went to be available to all Skype users, no matter the platform.

Skype messaging service

In case you didn’t already know, Skype video messaging allows you to send short messages over Skype. Obviously, the novelty is that the recipient of these messages need not be online when you send them and can view them whenever they log into Skype. Put it differently, it’s what SMS is to voice calls.

Currently, the service is available on the desktop in Skype for Windows desktop, Windows 8, OS X and on the mobile for Skype for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Surprisingly, Windows Phone has been left in the blind, but considering that Microsoft owns Skype, it will surely integrate it within the OS soon.



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