Smart ad campaign for Motorola X phone leaks online

June 26th 2013, 12:44 by Christian
Posted in: Marketing

When it comes to Motorola and ad campaigns, everyone thinks about the famous ”Hello Moto” slogan which was probably one of the most successful ones in advertising history. So, years after that, and following a constant decline in sales, Motorola in searching for the next best thing.

motorola ad campaign 1

Their new Moto X phone is said to be launched as soon as August 1st, and the guys over at the marketing department are desperately in need of something to stand out. Here’s where design agency B.A. B√§kken comes in. This agency creates ad content for Intel, Amazon, Audi and BMW, and although it doesn’t list Motorola as an official client at the moment, they took the liberty to come up with a campaign for them.

motorola ad campaign 2

The upcoming smartphone from Motorola is meant to innovate on features and not on hardware. The Moto X is said to sport a 720p display and run on a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip. We remind you that this might all just be a pitch from the Bakken agency and whether or not Motorola will embrace this ad campaign remains to be seen.



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