Three Awesome Features That Set The New MacBook Apart

January 25th 2017, 21:57 by Gabe Gordon
Posted in: Apple


It was nearly a full two year wait between when Apple introduced the 2016 MacBook Pro and when the previous 2015 model was released. With the new release, however, came a huge number of advanced features and the first total redesign in the last four years. Here are three key features of the MacBook Pro that set it apart from other notebook computers – including previous MacBook Pro models.

1. Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C ports


The base model 13″ MacBook Pro offers two Thunderbolt 3 ports, while the higher end 13″ and both 15″ models all offer four ports. Gone are the plethora of different kinds of ports requiring all different kinds of cables and cords. Perhaps best of all, however, is that Thunderbolt technology has finally crossed paths with USB-C technology. While Thunderbolt 3 is still superior to USB-C, offering data transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps (compared to 10 Gbps for USB-C) the ports are the same size and dimensions, finally making them cross-compatible. Four Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C ports make this generation of MacBook Pro the one to upgrade to.

2. Touch Bar


Gone is the standard row of control keys along the top of the keyboard, replaced instead by a smooth, sleek touch bar that changes controls based on the program you are using. While it makes for a fun feature for texting or using social media, it’s real value comes to those that use their MacBook Pros for more creative purposes. The touch bar allows Final Cut Pro users to make swift edits and sort clips faster and easier than ever before. It allows Photoshop users to blend colors and paint at will and allows DJ’s to create effects and preview waveforms on the fly. MacBook Pros are called “Pro” for a reason, so if you’re not using it for a professional endeavor, the touch bar is basically just a really cool high end toy and probably not worth investing the extra money in. While you’re on your design kick, don’t forget you can also customize the look of your new laptop with Macbook decals.

3. Power and Performance


The 2016 MacBook Pro went back to its roots as a power packed notebook. Offering up to 3.8 GHz of turbo processing speed, it became a portable machine genuinely capable of editing 4K video and even delivering serious gaming performance. Upgraded speakers also offer a fuller, richer sound experience including 2x dynamic range and 2.5x the bass of previous models. All of that is packed in the thinnest, lightest notebook yet, with the 13 inch model competing with the MacBook Air for size and weight. Even the 15 inch model weighs only 4 pounds and measures a mere 13.75 inches by 9.48 inches.

All in all, genuinely new features only come out every few years or so. Other than the introduction of the Retina Display, there haven’t been significant enough advances and improvements in the MacBook Pro since the introduction of i5 and i7 chips in 2011 to make upgrading really worthwhile. But this year’s offering is most definitely the year to make the leap, if it’s something you’ve been considering.


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