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Samsung S8000 leaked again - this time it speaks Androidish

13 April 2009 (0)
The yet unannounced Samsung S8000 specs seem quite the thing, especially having in mind the handset is rumored as the first Android phone by Samsung. As you may guess, it features a high-res display, full suite connectivity and sp ...
Tags: Android, Samsung

Toshiba counts up from TG01 - TG02 and TG03 leaked

13 April 2009 (1)
The Toshiba TG01 is not out yet and already there's talk of two new entries in the TG line - TG02 and TG03. A leaked Toshiba roadmap shows the new Snapdragon-based devices for the first time. Unfortunately, the Toshiba TG02 and TG ...
Tags: ICS

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic rumored as Nokia's third full touch phone

12 April 2009 (0)
As rumors have it, Nokia seem to have another full touch phone in store for us - one that's even cheaper than Nokia 5800. The unannounced Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is said to be due for September and will be more compact and won't ha ...
Tags: Nokia, Symbian

Streaming Orange TV app is now rolling to the Apple iPhone

12 April 2009 (0)
Orange offers the new "TV from Orange" application for download from the Apple Apps Store, provide to iPhone owners with live streaming of more than 60 TV channels live in what they claim as "high-def mobile quality ...
Tags: Apple, iPhone

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Samsung Omnia HD will still be called that way in most countries

08 April 2009 (0)
We were contacted by Samsung with a clarification on a matter that spread like wildfire online yesterday - the naming for the upcoming Omnia HD. Yesterday's rumor had it that Samsung will be ditching the Omnia moniker for the more ...
Tags: Symbian, Samsung

LG unveil GM310, GM210 and GM205 music phones

06 April 2009 (0)
LG are releasing three music phones aimed at emerging markets - the LG GM310, GM210 and the GM205. They all feature Dolby Mobile and LG Sound Engine and have dedicated keys for the music player control. The three new devices are q ...
Tags: LG

Apple done presenting iPhone OS 3.0 - over 100 new features

16 March 2009 (0)
Tonight Apple presented the latest reincarnation of their iPhone OS, which brings new and exciting features to the already capable OS. Another significant change is that there will be 1000 new APIs that will give developers new po ...
Tags: Apple, Google, iPhone

Motorola present the MC55 - the smallest of their digital assistants

09 March 2009 (0)
The Motorola MC55 is a special breed of mobile phones. Motorola's Enterprise Digital Assistants (or EDA) are Windows Mobile-based devices custom-fit for the business. Motorola MC55 sports GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity plus Wi-Fi supp ...
Tags: Motorola

HTC Magic coming to Vodafone as soon as this April

04 March 2009 (0)
It's known under many names - HTC Sapphire, HTC Magic, even the G2. Android's second coming is going to be in April when the HTC Magic will be available through Vodafone. The official announcement of the HTC Magic was only this F ...
Tags: Android, HTC

How Microsoft see our digital future - now on video

02 March 2009 (1)
Some visionaries over at Microsoft Labs have put a lot of hard work and devotion to a video displaying our digital world in 2019. Heavily relying on touch and constant interconnectivity, our digital future looks quite promising - ...

Mio present a new GPS phone - meet the K70

02 March 2009 (0)
At an originally-created virtual online booth stand, sat-nav oriented manufacturer Mio presented their latest GPS phone called the Mio Explora K70. It has a 3.5-inch screen of WQVGA resolution, a 3 megapixel auto focus camera and ...

Windows Mobile 7 comes closer, finger-friendly and all

24 February 2009 (0)
Good times for the WinMo fans seem to be just around the corner. After last week the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 was officially confirmed for the second half of this year it now appears that its successor isn't too far away eith ...

Windows Mobile 6.5 gets official at MWC 2009

15 February 2009 (0)
Today at Mobile World Congress 2009, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the long awaited Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, after numerous leaks the last couple of months. The WinMo 6.5 has a slightly updated user interface, some new featu ...
Tags: HTC, LG