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Samsung will launch a cheaper LCD-based Galaxy Note 3 Lite

12 December 2013 (0)
Recently, we heard rumors saying that Samsung is directing its attention towards LCD screens in order to cut costs for the next Galaxy S and Note flagships. Well, this may prove to be just partially correct, since our sources t ...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Crystal Edition goes live in Thailand

11 December 2013 (0)
Usually when manufacturers resort to these sparkling variants, it means that they've run out of ideas. And we can't really blame Samsung, since the Galaxy S4 has seen its fair share of different variations and special editions, ra ...
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Nokia Normandy is said to be a low-cost Android phone

11 December 2013 (0)
According to our sources, the mysterious Nokia Normandy, which we heard about in previous rumors, is in fact an Android handset. Apprently, the device is designed as an equivalent to the low-cost Nokia Asha range. The Nokia Nor ...
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Google Nexus devices started receiving Android 4.2.2 KitKat

10 December 2013 (0)
Google is fast on its feet and shortly after releasing the Android 4.4.1 KitKat update, has now started rolling out version 4.4.2 for its Nexus devices. This particular update focuses on bug fixes and already reached several Nexus ...
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Apple tries to get $22 million from Samsung for legal fees

09 December 2013 (0)
It's been a while since we last heard anything major in this patent war between Samsung and Apple. Naively, some of us thought that both tech giants are looking towards negotiation and compromise as their weapons, but we couldn't ...
Tags: Apple, Samsung, iPhone

Samsung might update some lower-level smartphones to Android KitKat

09 December 2013 (0)
Samsung already announced that it will update its high-end smartphones - Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 - to Android KitKat in January, but the rest of the users were left wondering. Well, we might have ...
Tags: Android, Samsung, Google, Xperia

Apple says that iOS 7 runs on 74 percent of all compatible devices

06 December 2013 (0)
The latest statistics released by Apple reveals that iOS 7 is the version with the fastest adoption rate to date. There are currently 74% of all compatible devices that boot this latest OS, a number which went up 10% since October ...
Tags: Apple, iPhone, ICS

Samsung Galaxy Win Pro goes official as a decent mid-ranger

05 December 2013 (0)
The latest Samsung offering showed up today on the company's web portal in China and represents an upgraded version of the Galaxy Win. The specs for this new handset remain pretty similar to those of its predecessor, but with a m ...
Tags: Android, Samsung, Jelly Bean

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia gets cleared by the European Comission

05 December 2013 (0)
Indeed, the European Comission gave the green light regarding Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft, without adding any conditions, since it believes that it won't pose a threat to other rivals such as Samsung and Apple regarding ...
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Russia's dual-screen YotaPhone plans to revolutionize the market

04 December 2013 (0)
We constantly hear about smartphones which are innovative these days, but in reality very few actually are. Sure, Samsung and LG managed to come up with curved displays for some of their handsets, but that's more like a novelty th ...
Tags: Android, Samsung, LG, Xperia, Jelly Bean

LG begins roll out for the innovative G Flex in global markets

04 December 2013 (0)
Starting this month, the curved LG G FLex will start rolling out globally. The new Android handset will reach certain key Asian markets at first, while other regions around the world will follow. For example, in Singapore you'l ...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature 20MP camera

03 December 2013 (0)
According to a report from ET News, Samsung's Mobile Advanced Development team is currently working on 20 megapixel camera modules. Since the company failed to implement the Optical Image Stabilization option, mainly due to limit ...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 said to enter production phase in January

02 December 2013 (0)
This report is courtesy of our friends over at Korean site ETNews, which are saying that Samsung is preparing to start production for its upcoming Galaxy flagship, the S5. Since the mass production phase is rumored to start in Jan ...
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Galaxy Note 3 now available internationally in three new color options

02 December 2013 (0)
A few days ago, Samsung Argentina announced that there will be two new color options for the Galaxy Note 3 phablet - red and rose gold. Today however, Samsung issued a press release, stating that the release will be global, for th ...
Tags: Android, Samsung