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BlackBerry introduces the Z3 (Jakarta) and the Q20

25 February 2014 (0)
A new duo of smartphones made an appearance today at MWC 2014, this time courtesy of BlackBerry. The two handsets are the rumored Z3 (a.k.a. Jakarta) and Q20. The Blackberry Z3 will be coming out to Indonesia in April (with other ...
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The Fairfax group is buying BlackBerry for $4.7 billion

25 September 2013 (0)
Everyone knew this was bound to happen. Over the last few years, BlackBerry was slowly but surely losing ground, and despite all efforts to turn the ship around, it now looks like it's all over for them. Due to recent depleting ...
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BlackBerry officially presents the Z30 smartphone with BB10.2 and 5'' screen

18 September 2013 (0)
More and more users are eagerly looking for bigger screens, and BlackBerry can't afford to miss out on such an opportunity. Therefore, the company officially presented its latest offering - the Z30 - ...
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Retailers say the BlackBerry Q10 is a huge commercial failure

30 August 2013 (0)
When you say BlackBerry, you say QWERTY, that's just the way it is and the way is always has been. So naturally, when the company finally decided to revamp their product portfolio with BB10 and Z10, they couldn't exclude QWERTY ph ...
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BlackBerry 9720 is a new smartphone with an old design

13 August 2013 (0)
This latest handset from BlackBerry is firmly low-end and runs an OS as current as Symbian, namely BlackBerry OS 7.1. In addition, it has a 2.8" HVGA touchscreen and a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Other unimpressive specs i ...
Tags: Android, Symbian, BlackBerry

New BlackBerry 10 low-end QWERTY handset leaks online

08 April 2013 (0)
What's going on with BlackBerry is the question on many people's lips in this first half of the year. Although they started 2013 very confident, launching their new BlackBerry 10 platform, announcing the first two smartphones - Z1 ...
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BlackBerry Q10 up for pre-order in the UK and US, to launch in late April

22 March 2013 (0)
In the UK, we came across a bunch of retailers which are already taking pre-orders for the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. The company's new flagship can be pre-ordered for £530 or a bit more, depending on where you choo ...
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BlackBerry Z10 is off to a great sales start in the UK

05 February 2013 (0)
Many changes took place under RIM's roof over the past few days, and all the efforts are directed towards saving the company from what seemed to be imminent bankrupcy. First, the executives decided to ditch the name RIM and renam ...
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BlackBerry Z10 press pics and pricing are now revealed - check it out

28 January 2013 (0)
We'seen tons of image material devoted on BlackBerry's upcoming flagship, but these latest press shots come in great clarity, so for the first time, we can really make an opinion regarding the BB Z10. We can't make any judgemen ...
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T-Mobile offers the Galaxy S III, HTC 8X, Optimus L9 and others for free on contract

21 December 2012 (0)
The holiday shopping season is well underway and T-Mobile came up with a great way of attracting customers on the search for a phone. The US carrier decided to offer a large number of devices for abso ...
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Check out live photos of the upcoming BlackBerry L-series

12 December 2012 (1)
This rather extensive photo session has leaked directly from RIM's website, so you can trust that this handset - most likely the first BlackBerry 10 flagship - will take the official path in early 2013. We also came across some in ...
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BlackBerry 9620 Patagonia gets leaked on its way to emerging markets

28 November 2012 (0)
We haven't heard much from RIM lately, other than promises that BlackBerry 10 will be the best software ever and it will bring back the company's golden days. However, until then it looks like a new handset will be released, runni ...
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BlackBerry 10 platform will be officially launched on January 30, 2013

13 November 2012 (0)
After many failed attempts to keep up with Android and the iPhone, Research in Motion now has a final chance of turning the boat around. Just as Nokia has put most of its hopes within Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia lineup, the next ...
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Aston Martin Aspire joins the luxury smartphone race

19 September 2012 (0)
If Porsche and Ferrari are doing it, why should Aston Martin remain in the pit stop? The company decided to launch a luxury Android smartphone, called Aston Martin Aspire. Although the handset has a premium finish, its internals a ...
Tags: Android, Gingerbread