HTC HD7: Good points and bad points

ExtraGSM Team  |  February 15 2011  |   Comments 0


If you are eager to try out a Windows 7 smartphone, the HTC HD7 isn't at all a bad place to start. Sure, the phone is far from being perfect, but it has some really great features like the extra large display size, a nice, classy look and that smartly put kickstand which we enjoyed so much. Also, if you are a T-Mobile customer, you pretty much don't have any other choices regarding a Windows 7 phone, at least until the Dell Venue Pro hits the market. Being a 1.0 product, you should expect certain features like tethering, copy paste function or USB mass storage mode to be completely inexistent for now. The phone is really stable, it offers you super speed and unless you want to change networks, it's the only Windows 7 phone existent.

HTC HD7: Good points and bad points

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