HTC Wildfire: Manufacturer preview

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HTC Wildfire presentation

Bring your friends to you

You have lots of friends, in lots of different places. Why not bring them to you? See everyone's Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates, all in one feed. Share your favourite apps, because your mates will love them too. And get everything, from texts, to photos, organized by the friend that sent it - not to mention ther latest Facebook status when they call. HTC Wildfire. Your friends have never been closer to you.

Next-generation Caller ID

When someone calls you, your Caller ID doesn’t just tell you their name and number any more – it tells you useful stuff like their Facebook status and birthday date, too.

Recommend apps straight from
your phone

Want to tell someone about an app? Send them a link straight from your phone to theirs. There are thousands of apps available on Android Market – including games, social-networking apps and new arrivals every day.

Check Facebook, Twitter and Flickr at the same time

With Friend Stream, you can see all your friends’ Facebook updates, Tweets and Flickr photos on the same screen. It updates itself automatically. And when you want to update your own profiles, you can update them all in one go.

HTC WildfireHTC Wildfire

Get news flashes on your phone

With our News app, choose what websites or blogs you want to hear from, then have their latest news delivered right to the palm of your hand.

Keep your friends one tap away

Use the People Widget to find any group of friends straight from your home screen. Calling, texting or emailing them is only one tap away.

Whatever you need, one tap away

You can include whatever features you want on each of your seven home screens, and arrange them just by moving your finger. So everything you use most often is one tap away.

Find things faster with Leap view

With a single tap or pinch, Leap view shows you thumbnails of all seven of your Home Screen panels at once. To choose one, just tap it. Simple.

Much better browsing

The HTC Wildfire comes with full Flash support for online video, pinch-to-zoom page resizing, and auto rotation from portrait to landscape. It also comes with useful reference tools like one-touch dictionary, translation and Wikipedia lookup.

The phone that minds its manners

We’ve added our new polite ringer to the HTC Wildfire. Now, as soon as you lift it up to see who is calling, the ringer volume drops. And if you turn it over, it stops ringing altogether and quietly takes a message.

Keep in touch with
the office

With built-in Microsoft Exchange support, synchronizing your email and calendar is easy. You can also look up the contact info for anyone in your company directory — even if they’re not stored on your phone.

An in-built, dimmable flashlight

Dropped your keys in the dark? No problem.

FM radio

Just plug in your headset and listen to whatever station you want!

HTC Wildfire: Manufacturer preview

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