Motorola DEFY: A good choice

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As far as the software is concerned, the Defy is runned by an Android 2.1 engine with Motorola's MotoBlur version 1.5, which makes it a rather average smartphone. If you ask me, the first thing you should do is get rid of the MotoBlur along with all the annoying widgets and apps, and simply install TweetDeck instead. Still, the phone offers you some really cool smartphone experiences such as the music player, which is by far the best music application currently on the market. All the music lovers will be more than happy as the Defy plays music loudly, displays album art and has all sorts of search filters to help organize your music. Hard to believe, but this isn't even the best part.

Motorola DEFYMotorola DEFYMotorola DEFY

A series of excellent web services were added, such as TuneWiki, which helps you stream albums and the lyrics of the song you are listening, giving you the chance to sing along. The application can also be used to discover new music which other users are listening to, all thanks to a Google Map. My favourite part of this player is by far the YouTube integration which helps you video search a song or artist that you are listening to and play the clip without even having to exit the music player.

Motorola DEFYMotorola DEFY

The Media Share tools found on the more expensive Milestone 2, have nothing on the baked-in DLNA media sharing software. Using it, it's easy to transher files to and from your phone, as well as stream videos, music and photos. In contrast with the phone, the 5 megapixel camera found on the Motorola Defy is much better than an average smartpone shooter. In case of low-light situations, the camera is equipped with a dual-LED photolight which helps it do a fine job. The majority of photos come out in focus the colours are great, all and all the pictures really won us over.

Motorola DEFY: A good choice

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