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  • Samsung Galaxy S II beats barrier of 1 milion units in Korea

Samsung Galaxy S II beats barrier of 1 milion units in Korea

30 May 2011
Tags: Apple, Samsung, iPhone

When the Galaxy S first came out in Korea, it took 70 days to reach 1 milion units sold, which was considered an incredible performance. Well, that record was recently put to shame by the Galaxy S II, which managed to set a record for the fastest-selling smartphone in Korea, hitting one million sales in its very first month, or in other words, one sale for every three secounds. In only three days since it appeared in Samsung's home country, the handset reached 100,000 units sold, while in two weeks it had already past the half-million mark. Without doubt, amongst the factors that led to this rush, must be the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, as well as the design and newer TouchWiz interface.

Samsung Galaxy S II sold 1 milion units

In this moment, there is a fierceful battle for the smartphone supremacy in Korea. Obviously the only worthy opponent for the S II would have to be the iPhone 4, which managed 300,000 pre-orders and may very well come close to trumping Samsung's numbers. Still, it faces with a huge problem that Samsung didn't encounter, meaning the limited carrier availability. As a consequence, Apple was forced to sell only through KT, until SK Telecom was added in March and this could very well be a decisive factor. The Galaxy S II is clearly favourite all around the world, due to its massive presence in Europe as well as other important worldwide markets. Even more so, Samsung is about to repeat its all-fronts launching strategy in the US, throughout most major American carriers.


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Samsung Galaxy S II beats barrier of 1 milion units in Korea - comments

Sarahi 2012-04-19 20:41

I prefer Sony Xpreria. Although now using BB, I'm still a big fan of SonyEricsson. SonyEricsson is tiefnidely good. Sound and camera quality tiefnidely superb Jomtonton recently posted..