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Skype integration in Windows Phone 'coming soon'

16 January 2012

As you might know, Microsoft acquired Skype 8 months ago following an $8.5 billion deal, and since then we're been waiting for some proper Skype integration in WP or perhaps a Skype app for the platform. Well, we finally have some official standpoint, coming from Rick Osterloh, which gave during an interview at the CES event in Las Vegas, declared that Skype integration is indeed coming soon.

The general belief is that we'll first see such integration alongside Windows Phone Apollo, representing the next major generation of WP which is set to follow after Tango (nothing more than a minor update). Still, Microsoft might just release a Skype app for the platform through the Windows Marketplace, intended towards the few Windows Phone 7 devices which benefit from the advantage of having a front-facing camera built-in.

Integration with Windows 8 and Xbox 360 is also expected, and video calling on your TV using the Xbox Kinect is bound to be one of the coolest things ever. Let's just hope that Microsoft will stick to its word and we'll enjoy all of these features soon.

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