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Vertu presents the new Constellation Candy phones

22 May 2012
Tags: Symbian

If you're familiar with the Vertu luxury brand, you'll know that when they announce a new collection of handsets, most often it means that they're only releasing a new trim or some new colors. This is again the case today, as Vertu decided to present us some fresh summer-ish colors, combined under the Candy logo - we have the Candy Raspberry, the Candy Mint Green, and finally, the Candy Tangerine.

Vertu presents the new Constellation Candy phones

Obviously, the highest quality alligator skin, as well as plenty of natural gem stones completes the design of these extravagant phones. The Constellation series was announced back in 2006, and went through some changes, as you might expect.

Nowadays, we have a Constellation series completed with full touch display and a somewhat smart OS, namely the forgotten Symbian. Other features include the 3.5-inch AMOLED screen, the 32GB of built-in storage, and the 8 megapixel fixed focus camera with enhanced depth of field and 720p video recording.

This latest collection from Vertu is already available in the UAE, China, EU, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Regardless of the color and the specs of such handsets, let's be honest: How many of us are gonna buy one? How many of us would even want to? Anyway, the luxurious segment is by definition small, but it can also be rather entertaining, so let's hope that Vertu will keep coming up with these kinds of phones.


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Vertu presents the new Constellation Candy phones - comments

Rosy 2012-08-07 21:48

Question: Do you know if you have to play for the games? Will they all be free or will some be free and others you have to pay for or do you have to pay for all of them? Also, any idea how much? Thanks