Nokia C2-01: Good phone at a good price

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 28 2011  |   Comments 0

Camera, Multimedia and Connectivity

Thanks to its 3.15MP fixed focus camera, the C2-01 is capable of taking shots of 2048x1536 resolution, which indeed isn't very spectacular. Still, is wasn't Nokia's idea to make a cameraphone out of it and the chance to take a picture here and there should be appreciated by most users. As far as settings are concerned, the phone is limited to white balance, a self timer and various other effects. Naturally, we're a bit intrigued by the fact that it has 3MP, especially at this price and since the options of flash, autofocus and shutter key are inexistent, it really could have managed perfectly with a 2MP camera or even a VGA one. Talking about actual image quality, we would have to say that it has its ups and downs. Though the colors are pleasent and quite punchy, it's the detail that the camera seems to fall short. We blame it not on the 3 megapixels sensor but rather on the heavy noise reduction. Taking into consideration the fact that it is a low-end device, the Nokia C2-01 manages to meet almost all your expectations and even more, for which it deserves credit. We won't talk much about the video recording aspect of the phone, because honestly there's not much to say. It does QVGA at 15fps, and since it really can't go much lower than that, it's only fair to say that it matches the phone's price tag.

A positive feature of the phone is surely the music player. It looks nice enough and it's got a solid set of features including a fair number of formats which are supported. You can easily acces it from either the media menu or the gallery, and just as easily add it as an Active standby shortcut on right on the Homescreen. As usually, tracks are filtered by artist, album and genre and the player handles MP3, WMA, WAV as well as eAAC+. Also, the presence of an FM radio should come as no surprise, which has the standard S40 6th edition interface, being really easy to use. RDS support is enabled so feel free to plug in your headphones and hit the road. Having the option to let Nokia do an auto scan is handy, but you can also tune it to a station manually. We wouldn't recommend watching a movie on this small low-resolution display, because it simply isn't fun. On paper, it supports MP4, H.264, H.263 and 3GP but the lack of DivX and XviD definitely takes it's toll. If you receive the occasional clip via MMS, it's obvious that you can take a look without many difficulties, but other than that, the player will probably hibernate. Fullscreen mode is present and you are also given play and skip buttons. A real bummer turned out to be the phone's output, even more since every Nokia handset that we recently tested turned out to be flawless. If connected to an external amplifier such as your home or car stereo, the C2-01 turns out to be excellent. However the moment you plug in a pair of headphones you won't believe your ears how big the degradation gets and will surely be left with mediocre output.

Do you expect the Nokia C2-01 to be an internet-centric phone? We didn't think so either. Still, considering the price it does really nice for itself, offering you quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and stereo Bluetooth and surprisingly even UMTS 384kbps. Since microUSB cables are pretty common, this will be the easiest way to transfer files and charge the phone. The default browser is the Opera Mini 4.2 and it's been part of the standard S40 package for a long time, being a good data-efficient choice. The Opera Mini browser is set to support multiple tabs and a real good thing is that the compression significantly improves loading time and saves on data charges. If you enjoy sharing images, video and audio files between your buddies directly from your handset, you should take a look at Ovi Share. First, you go through a quick sign-up process and then selecting files for uploading is relatively easy. In the end, we mention the existence of an Facebook application, which should make a lot of people be more inclined to buy the C2-01. The app turns out to be pretty capable, giving you the option to manage your profile and post any status updates and also browse through your friends' profiles. You can even take a photo inside the application and immediately upload it for everyone to see.

Nokia C2-01: Good phone at a good price

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