Nokia C2-01: Good phone at a good price

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Design and Keyboard

Let's say you have very few money in your pocket and are in search for a phone. How about the Nokia C2-01? In a few words, it's got a still camera as well as 3G and a memory card slot which all sound pretty good. You might wonder, what's the difference between it and the C2-00. For start, it hasn't got the dual SIM handling but instead in compensates with other fine goodies. Although the size and shape of the phone are the norm in this class, it's hard to describe it as being a very compact phone. Measuring in at 109.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm and weighing 89g it's nothing more than an all plastic handset. We would have enjoyed it if the C2-01 was a little thinner, but to be honest we understand that for this type of phones, the aspect of durability weighs more than the styling part. It looks solidly built but it's a matter of hours until the first scratches will start to show. So take caution that the aesthetic aspect will surely suffer a lot but the important thing is that the phone will keep working. Absolutely no twists or turns in the phone's design. It has a screen, two soft keys, call buttons around a D-pad as well as a phone keypad below. A definite plus from the most basic Nokia phones is that the D-pad is a five-way key which has confirm action, always a plus. To sum it up, it's as basic as it gets, but we don't mean that in a bad way. Its layout has been used over and over again and almost every time it worked out just great. As colors and brightness go, the 2.0'' TFT screen with QVGA resolution (240 x 320), manages in a decent manner but the viewing angles are simply horrible as well as the sunlight legibility. You get good feedback from the softkeys and D-pad which are also well-sized as opposed to the call keys which are rather small knobs.

Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01

The aspect of calling, which is after all, the Nokia C2-01's primary function, doesn't raise too many issues. There are 12 keys on the keypad which are decently big and feel quite comfortable thanks to the slightly convex shape. Up top, you can find the exposed 3.5mm audio jack and the charger plug, both very clearly marked with easy to understand symbols. The microSD card slot supports cards up to 16 GB and is localized on the left, covered by a plastic flap. We don't know how common of a problem this is, but out memory cards kept getting stuck in the slot and it was a real drag to eject them almost each and every time.

Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01

Instead of a volume rocker and a dedicated camera key, Nokia chose to give full power to the D-pad, which is used for all these functions. Under the back cover you will find a 1020 mAh BL-5C battery which is rated as 16 to 19 days of standby, offering you up to 8 hours and a half of talk time. Restricted by the limited budget, we're really happy that Nokia invested most of it on good building. Sure, the choice of materials and the finish could have been much better but the different parts of the phone are well put together and the main thing is that there aren't any gaps or squeaky noises.

Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01Nokia C2-01

Nokia C2-01: Good phone at a good price

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