Nokia C7: Close look

ExtraGSM Team  |  November 27 2010  |   Comments 0

The Nokia C7 is a new smart phone which offers you a powerful combination of internet, video, photos,music and maps with Symbian3 operating system. With a price range of 350$ you can buy the C7 Sim-free, which in our oppinion is a decent price,considering the capabilities of the phone. From the design point of view, the C7 doesn't let you down. With it's shiny metal case, it feels really comfortable in your hand and a few knocks and tumbles shouldn't frighten you at all.

Nokia C7Nokia C7Nokia C7

With a large Amoled capacitive touch screen supporting pinch to zoom, social networking intergration as well as an 8 megapixel full focus camera with dual LED flash, you can create and discover a whole world of creativity. The C7's touchscreen has it's strong points and it's weaknesses. In contrast with the resistive variety type that we've seen on previous Nokia touchscreen phones, the C7's touchscreen is the capacitive type, which according to our tests proved to be extremly zippy and responsive. On the downside, the on-screen keyboard, with it's choice of a 12-key, alphanumeric keyboard, is as bad as it gets. There is no Qwerty keyboard option, which is also a definite minus in many people's book.

From the OS point of view, there isn't much to say. The C7 uses the Symbian 3, which has new user friendly features such as the dialler seraching your contact for you, or other good improvements. If you are a Nokia smart phone lover and you're not accustomed to other smart-phone systems ,the C7 will surely make you happy, although it's no match for some of it's rivals such as Iphone and Android phones. The user interface isn't at all intuitive or consistent, the OS is really tiresome to set up and the constant barrage of message and error boxex is "cherry on the top"'. Using the C7, you gain acces to Nokia's Ovi Store, which can be used as a music store, a free sat-nav application, and a variety of aother apps which you can download and install on your phone.

Nokia C7Nokia C7Nokia C7

The Nokia C7 also brings compatibility with popular internet video formats and desktop Flash. Nokia has released a customizable open source Web TV app template for content providers to mobilize their existing Web TV services and deploy them on Nokia Symbian3 devices.

If you are taking a Sunday walk and suddently need to capture a quick snap, the C7 will do the job in a satisfying manner using an 8 megapixel camera. Another good feature is the easiness of moving photos, along with music and videos, on and off the phone. Still, it would have been great if there were more options to share photos over Facebook or Twitter, taking under consideration that the phone comes with a social networking app pre installed.

As a conclusion, the Nokia C7, with it's handsome steel case and long battery life, constitutes a pretty good choice, especially if you are used to Nokia brand and want to reamain loyal. Inspite of all this, you should know that there are plenty of Android phones and other smart-phones, coming out at insanely low prices, which will also give you widgets that work, a better on-screen keyboard, an app store that's stuffed with choices, as well as many other great features which the C7 smartphone simply can't keep up with.