Nokia E52: Very good like all Nokia Eseries phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  August 11 2011  |   Comments 0

Telephony and Messaging

Starting off with the phonebook, we have to say that it still does a tremendous job, although it hasn't really evolved too much from the E75. It offers virtually unlimited number of contacts and fields and we honestly can't imagine how anyone could fill up all the designated memory. While editing a contact, you are given a large variety of preset fields and you can replicate each of them as much as you want. You may also group your contacts and personalize the groups with different ringtones. All three tabs (outgoing, received and missed calls) manage to hold up to 20 call records and can be accessed by pressing the Call key in standby. The lack of any reception issues has also become a Nokia trademark, and the E52 is yet another proof in that direction. Sound during calls is as clear as it gets and you shouldn't encounter any interference. It's not that loud at the loudest setting, but unless you're in the middle of the stadium at some football game, it will do great. The Nokia E52 comes equipped with the advanced Communication Manager, allowing you to opt for various settings such as accepting only calls from your contacts, from all non-private numbers or if you want to be alone, from anyone. You have the option of creating your own filters with some extensive settings. After we submitted our traditional speakerphone test, the conclusion was that the E52 achieved an average result, which could have gone better, but not too much reason to complain.

The messaging part receives another confidence vote from our part since the E-series devices were practically built for this purpose. We already talked about its standard keypad, with the big and comfortable keys. This phone deals with all sorts of messages and has no problem in viewing or editing attached office documents either. Three message editors are offered: MMS and SMS occupy the first one, while audio and e-mail have their own. The e-mail client can support a wide range of both personal and corporate email standards including IBM Lotus Notes Traveller, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail and others. You have the option of mobile VPN for connecting to secure corporate Intranets and obviously encryption is also enabled. Honestly, everything seems pretty much taken care of, except for BlackBerry Connect support, which is the only thing missing from this chapter and which might turn out to be a deal breaker. All and all, the E52 will have no problem keeping you up to date but if you email constantly during the day, we recommend the E55 or E72, which are simply better at this.

Nokia E52: Very good like all Nokia Eseries phones

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