Nokia E52: Very good like all Nokia Eseries phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  August 11 2011  |   Comments 0

Multimedia and Web Browser

We started off with the image gallery, and we have to say that it gave us a pleasant surprise since it's the same as the one found in Nseries and it really does look spectacular. There are also some great new features. Pressing and holding the direction buttons on the D-pad will increase the speed of photo browsing. Also, zooming is very speedy, mostly due to the zippy 600mHz processor and it's guaranteed to take up to 400% zoom. Although this handset wasn't meant to have great music ability, it turns out that the music player on the E52 is quite decent while also offering really good audio quality, thanks to its standard 3.5mm audio jack. It might not have any dedicated music keys, but this aspect is easily overcome by the smooth D-pad control. A wide range of audio formats are supported, including MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA. Tracks are filtered automatically by artist, album genre and composer and the option of searching them by gradual typing is also present.

The player is equipped with five equalizer presets as well as a bass booster and stereo widening effect. Obviously, if the preloaded equalizer presets are not your taste, it's easy to just change them. Real player is the one designated to play all your video clips, working in portrait or fullscreen mode. Since the E52 has a rather big screen and the MP4 video clips support add up to a passable video watching experience, you might choose to stick with this player, but there will surely be some who will change it. The main reason why someone would choose a different one is that the E52 lacks DivX and XviD support out of the box. Sure, finding apps for the S60 3.2 that support those codecs isn't too hard, but in some cases they can be paid. An FM radio with RDS is present, controlled by the well known radio application.

Another fine aspect of this Symbian based handset is browsing the internet. It has an excellent page rendering, managing to display most pages like they look on a desktop computer. The virtual mouse cursor offers a nice feel, being easy to control and although the D-pad control isn't nearly as comfortable as Samsung's optical joystick or BlackBerry's trackball, it manages in a decent manner. The web browser offers fullscreen view mode and has an easily adjustable zoom level. Also, it features built-in full Flash support, which handled most of the Flash sites that we tested it on. You can watch video on the full-featured versions of YouTube, which makes up for its inability to see videos from DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Nokia E52: Very good like all Nokia Eseries phones

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