Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 12 2011  |   Comments 0

Communication and Multimedia

The phonebook on the E7 is actually quite good, it's fully functional and it's very easy to be synced with your current exchange account. Thanks to Symbian, users virtually have unlimited phonebook capacity as well as excellent contact management. You have the option of selecting some of your contacts as favourites, which enables them to the top of the displayed list, a feature that saves you quite a lot of unnecessary scrolling. Obviously, you can assign personal ringtones and videos to individual contacts and even to group your contacts and offer each group a specific ringtone. A cool feature that we really enjoyed is that when you edit a contact's detail, you have the option to enter their adress by simply locating it on a map.

As far as the social integration part, it includes Twitter and Facebook, which should pretty much cover everybody's needs. It should come as no surprise that the E7, being mainly a bussines phone, is quite a champion when it comes to making and receiving calls. Our tests took the phone in an area with very poor reception, but despite all this, it didn't miss a single beat and the audio was loud enough and clear at both ends of the conversation. The noice-cacelling mic should probably be thanked for that. Voice calling as well as smart calling are both present and they both perform greatly. Bear in mind that in noisier environments, it's effectivness could suffer lightly and also, if you have multiple numbers assigned to a contact, the system will take one of two choices, either it shall dial the default number or the first in the list.

Since we already said such kind word regarding the keyboard, you can imagine that messaging is a real pleasure on the E7. It has excellent hardware QWERTY keyboard and all your messaging needs will be tackled with great ease. There is a common box, where all your incoming messages arrive and you have the option to get them sorted as conversations. Some other good features includes a character counter, Gmail capacity as well as support for attachements, signatures and pretty much all you could possibly need on a mobile device.

Regarding the multimedia aspect, there are also a few specifications. The E7 has on board a file manager, which is a wizard of a application, meaning it can practically do anything you can imagine with your files: it moves them, copies, sorts, renames them, it does it all. You have the option of protecting your memory card, which is always a good thing. We tried numerous card readers too and we have to say that the E7 is not at all pretentious since they all worked. We even tried to confuse it, by putting two cards at once, but as a pleasant surprise, it didn't have any problem recognising both of them. As you probably know, the Symbian^3 offers pretty much the same image browsing software as it's predecesors and it can only be quantified as passable. Picture browsing is quite fast but the zoom part is relatively slow, forcing you to wait two or three secounds each time you start zooming in on a photo.

It's a well known fact that Symbian never actually had trouble with the music player features but as far as it's looks are concerned, lets' just say there weren't quite impressive. However, using Symbian^3, Nokia introduces a new Cover Flow-like interface, which gives your eyes plenty of candy. You can automatically sort by artist, album, genre, and even the option to create custom playlists directly on the phone. Containing an equalizer plus a stereo widening feature as well as supporting a huge number of formats, the music player is real hit. The FM radio on the Nokia E7 is decent, with it's simple UI and supporting RDS and alternative frequencies. As for the video player, it's basically the same as on the N8, it comes with XviD and DivX support out of the box and overall it's quite capable.

Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

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