Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 12 2011  |   Comments 0

Camera and Connectivity

Equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, the E7 offers a maximum image resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels and is also accompanied by a dual-LED flash. Since there are only three shortcuts available in the viewfinder, we can't really say that the user interface is too friendly. The shortcuts enable you to toogle camcorder and still camera as well as set the flash and acces the rest of the customizable settings. Trying to change some features such as white balance, ISO or something of this nature will turn out to be a real drag, because of the numerous submenus and complicated routes. Face detection is available, which is a nice aspect and as for geo-tagging, you have the option of recording your current location using the built-in GPS.

We easily noticed that in general, images lack detail after the noise reduction algorithms finish their job and the sharpening, tries to bring back some of the detail but it comes out too strong and really makes a mess out of everything. Obviously, the camera falls short of 8MP expectations but for the casual user, it should get the job done.

As for connectivity, we can't say that Nokia spared any expense. You have all sorts of network connectivity such as GPRS, EDGE and 3G with HSPA (10.2 Mbps HSDPA and 2.0 Mbps HSUPA). The 3G covers all the five bands available world wide and the GSM/EDGE comes in quad-band flavor, both great aspects. The Bluetooth on the E7 is version 3.0 with stereo support as well as a WirelessN-enabled Wi-Fi radio. We tested the USB functionality and we found nothing wrong with it.

Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

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