Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 12 2011  |   Comments 0


In the ending we have to say that the Nokia E7 is undoubtetdly the best Symbian^3 smartphone available on the market. No matter on which barricade you are, wheter a brand loyal upgrader or a unbiased user simply shopping for a smartphone, the E7 has all the latest and probably the most advanced ingredients. Enumerating just a few, we would have to mention the ClearBack AMOLED screen, the USB-on-the-go, lifetime sat-nav license and a HDMI port. Unfortunatelly, it's not just sugar and honey with this phone. Despite it being the best Symbian^3 device, it doesn't make it quite on par with the competition. We all know that Symbian has an inevitable demise, it's just a matter of time. The E7 is also slightly overpriced and in the current economic status, it's a huge disadvantage.

It used to be very easy to just recommend someone an E series model, but unfortunatelly it's getting more and more difficult to do so. Some changes are needed desperately, if the once handsome, sensible and powerful business phone will ever live up to it's name.

Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

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