Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

ExtraGSM Team  |  March 12 2011  |   Comments 0

Design and Keyboard

Not much more can be said about Nokia's E series phones. We al know them, we all love them. This is why it's our great pleasure to offer you the review on what is called the Nokia E7, the new flagship of E series. The first feature that jumps into your eyes is the phone's size. It really is a big phone, measuring 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm and 104.9 cc of volume. When you first look at it upfront, it does look huge and weighing 176g, you can imagine it's not an easy phone to handle. The good news is that once you turn the phone around, you will surely be surprised by it's slim waistline which is trully remarkable for a side slider and a real boost for pocketabilty. The metal chasis that surrounds it as well as the phone's overral build quality makes you forget the size and wight, and really enjoy the excellent design.

Nokia E7Nokia E7Nokia E7

Let's talk a little about the sliding mechanism: it's pretty much the same construction which was used on the N97, meaning that the sliding bit has that useful massive hinge that enables it to pop open, obviously a feature meant to increase your comfort. You don't have to slide up, as you would do with most other phones, instead you push down the side of the screen, in which moment the spring assisted hinge simply takes over and completes the move. Despite the fact that it sounds relatively easy, it takes a rather strong push and the feeling that you are going to catapult the phone with your thumbs might arise, so try to be careful with that. Still, there aren't to many reasons to be concerned, because once you get past the tricky slide-up, you'll have in front of you a really nice and comfortable keyboard with four well-disposed rows as well as tactile and well-spaced keys, which have a kind of short stroke, but except that, we can't find any other reason to dislike it. There's also great backlighting, trully the work of a craftsman.

As we already said, the E7 has a great overall build quality, with it's reinforced glass on the front as well as that extremly durable aluminium case that we love, there's no doubt that the phone shall last for ages.

Nokia E7: A good competitor for business phones

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