Nokia E71: A successful phone

ExtraGSM Team  |  February 22 2011  |   Comments 0

Performance, Display and Multimedia

Nokia really outdid itself with the E71 model. Running a 369MHz single core ARM family processor, the phone is extremly responsive and as fast as it could possibly be. It's a pleasure seeing how windows scroll and switch immediately, how folders open without delay and how there is absolutely zero visual tardiness. Locally stored MP4 files as well as video playback of YouTube is at its best even with files encoded up to 550kbps.

The E71 is good for both bussines and pleasure. In order to prove the last part, Nokia offers for free download a 3D game which is called Global Race, a driving game which runs really smooth and quickly. The pleasure increases thanks to the phone's d-pad which is just perfect for action and racing games. Consisting in 128 megs of RAM to run programs and 110 megs of available flash memory for file storage, which you can also expand with microSD cards, no complaints can be made regarding the memory management. We recommend using an 8 gig Kingston and 4 gig SanDisk card, which we tested and came out with great results.

Display an Multimedia

Since we already talked about the YouTube streaming, the gaming and playback of locally stored video content, it's time to take a look at the phone's amazing display. At 2.36'' there's no doubt that it's small, but taking under considration that the smartphone has a small size overall, the display suddently looks quite large. A rare aspect in phones, but a great one that's present on the Nokia E71 is it's 16 million color display, which is also incredibly sharp, it's bright and it's a definite pleasure to read text and images although as far as watching videos, we would have enjoyed for a larger display. The camera aspect is one we wish we could've avoid since the images come out too colorful and crisp, despite the presence of a brightness sensor (also present on the most recent E and N phones), which mission is to set screen brightness relative to ambient light. You have the option to turn it off, but as far as we were concerned, the brightness control wasn't at all too exuberant and the backlight fluctuations didn't bother us one bit.

Nokia E71Nokia E71Nokia E71

The music player present on the phone can handle MP3, AAC as well as WMV formats. Also, a stereo earbud headset is included, plugging into the 2.5mm jack localised on the phone's right side. A usefull aspect is that there isn't an integrated USB headset jack here, enabling you to charge and play tunes simultaneously. Not lots of complaints should be made regarding the sound quality but it sadly isn't any match for Nokia's multimedia computer line ( Nokia N78 and N95). The FM radio supports RDS and it can download a list of presets for your own city, anywhere you are. As support for wireless stereo music playback, you shouldn't be surprised to find the Bluetooth A2DP.

Nokia E71Nokia E71Nokia E71

Nokia E71: A successful phone

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