Nokia E71: A successful phone

ExtraGSM Team  |  February 22 2011  |   Comments 0

GPS , Camera and Software

Long gone are the days of the Nokia E90 and N95, as far as the GPS is concerned. Neither of the two phone were unable to fastly lock onto satellites even despite the latest firmware updates. Our subject of the matter, the E71 is one of the first Nokia S60 phones to ship with MAPS 2.0 not only offering improved routing, but also it gives you walking directions not just driving ones. Another good feature is the ability to get a cold fix within a 10 feet of a window and latch onto 4 to 6 satellites in under a minute, which is quite a record. Nokia's Map application as well s Google Maps downloads map data using a WiFi conection or even using the cellular. But what it has over Google Maps is the ability to download the free Nokia Map Loader program, giving you the opportunity to download maps from anywhere in the world directly to your phone or a microSD card. The maps have a lot of great features, especially when traveling internationally, such as route options including the fastest, shortest and toll road avoidance ones, day and night view settings as well as re-route requests and waypoints. Traffic information covers much of Europe but no part of the US.


Running the Symbian OS 9.2 with 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, it's no stress saying that the E71 has a multi-tasking and open operating system with lots of 3rd party apps which are both free and comercial as well as being available for download. I don't find it necessary to enumerate all the PIM applications, because there isn't anything too out of the ordinary. Still, i'm gonna remind you obout the presence of Adobe PDF viewer, a file manager, voice recording, Zip manager, wireless printing support, RealPlayer Podcasting, online sharing (thanks to Ovi,Vox and Flickr), modes and a bar code reader, all these in the name of curiosity. Quick Office offers you all the reading, editing and writting MS Office documents that you could possibly need and since you have to pay an upgrade fee for the MS Office 2007 support, we recommend to stick to it. The basic version of WorldMate can easily be downloaded thanks to the phone's download application as well as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!Go and lots of others.


Unfortunatelly, this segment of the review is probably the saddest. The 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and LED flash simply doesn't offer any changes to Nokia's reputation for imaging on photos. Possibly, being given a firmware update, things might improve a little, but at the present condition, photos are noisy, the colours are too warm and it's obvious that things stand the same as with the previous Nokia E66's camera. Not to say that these are the worst photos we've ever seen, but we are more than righteous to be expecting something far better. The colour balance is shifty, sometimes spot-on and although detail is good it can easily be lost using desktop image noise reducers, which you will pretty much have to use.

You'll have some consolation once you color correct and size the image down to a lesser resolution, point in which the photos look decently enough. The maximum photo resolution is 2048 x 1536, the max video resolution is QVGA 320 x 240 and videos look quite nice without too much blockiness and with good color.

Nokia E71: A successful phone

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