Nokia E71: A successful phone

ExtraGSM Team  |  February 22 2011  |   Comments 0

Battery life, Conclusion

When we first saw the E71 in person, we were shocked at its extreme good looks and thinness-- not something that happens often with a business smartphone phone. It's hard to find fault with this smartphone-- Nokia did an excellent job. Though we've harped on the camera, it's only because we have high expectations for Nokia phones-- we'll cut it (just a little) slack since the E71 is a business phone. Performance and stability are excellent, call quality and reception are likewise solid and the keyboard is wonderful. Despite the business moniker, the E71 is a fun phone that handles video playback, music and gaming well. Double-bonus for Flash support!

Even on 3G, the Nokia E71 will go on and on, just like the comercial says. It's 1500 mAh Ion battery, being a high capacity by phone standards and it sure took us some efforts to kill it. Each day we surfed the web for about an hour, we watched 15 minutes of YouTube video as well as 30 minutes of MP4 video, we checked the email each and every hour and talked fot about 40 minutes per day. After all this effort and 3 days that went by, we finally did it. Even if you are the biggest techgeek or use the phone as a local call center, we can't imagine that anyone can finish the battery in only one day.


The E71 is unlike most business smartphones. It's extremly good looking, it's thin, high tech and classy, to tell you the truth it's hard to find fault with it, as Nokia did a really great job this time. The camera made us kind of sad, only because all the other features made us so happy, but as it's meant to be a business phone, we can overlook it at th end of the day. The keyboard is surprisingly wonderfull, call quality and reception are top of the line, and as far as performance and stabilty are concerned, you'll hear no complaints. It really is an incredible smart phone as well as a fun one too, with all the music, gaming and video playback capabilities. Our personal advice, go buy it now!

Nokia E71: A successful phone

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Nokia E71 review: Battery life, Conclusion