Nokia N8: Polish Review

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We'll start with the high end features when talking about the innards of the Nokia N8 - and they're immense.

The first is the camera, which Nokia claims is the best on any phone in the world. While we're sure we could find some models in deepest Asia that will challenge that claim (perhaps this one from Altek) it's certainly the best we've seen in the flesh.

The 12MP camera with Xenon flash might look like an attempt to grab some headlines with specs, but in reality it's tip-top. We took some sample shots (that we sadly can't show you here) but the clarity was good, and the shooting speed fairly impressive, even on this early model.

We would have liked to see a camera cover to shield the lens, but if that would have added a lot of thickness then we'll trust the glass will be OK.

We were shown some footage taken with the onboard HD video recorder, and it too looked impressive, although Nokia's claims that the phone's dual microphone approach gives constantly good sound recording was a little bit of a stretch - it didn't sound brilliant to our ears. Not bad, but not excellent.

You can pump 720p HD video out through the mini-HDMI slot (the Nokia N8 comes with a full HDMI adaptor in the box) and it looks great on a large screen TV. We're hoping there's a way to synchronise it wirelessly with your internet connected TV and PC, but we'll have to wait for the full Nokia N8 review sample to find out.

The music player is also pretty darn nice - fast scrolling through your list of tracks and artists thanks to the dedicated GPU working in tandem with the 1GHz CPU mean there's no juddering here, and it bodes well for Nokia that the rest of the phone can follow suit.

Add to that the strong possibility that the Nokia N8 will support Comes with Music for loads and loads of tracks for your phone whenever you want it, and this turns into an impressive proposition for media, especially with 16GB of internal memory and room for more expansion via microSD.

The video player works well on the large OLED screen as well - it might not come across well in the picture but the detail is clear, the running smooth and even pumped out to a larger screen it still looks great.

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Nokia N8: Polish Review

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