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Samsung Galaxy Nexus overview

Updated 04 May 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is without doubt the top of the line handset made by Samsung and Google. Simple, beautiful and beyond smart, the Galaxy Nexus signed up for the battle of being smartphone of the year. First off all, it's important to note that this handset is the first one to run on Google's latest operating system, namely Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Obviously, this brings lots of great new features such as face unlock, voice typing, Android beam, Google+ and many others. The face unlock is indeed a great new feature, allowing you to unlock you phone by simply smiling into the front camera. The Android Beam allows you to quickly share websites, apps, YouTube videos to other people close by. The voice typing feature isn't exactly like Apple's Siri, but it does enable you to use you voice in order to instantly type you emails, SMS or any other texts. Google+ makes it a pleasure to share anything you want with whoever you want. Messenger and Hangouts are also present to help you bring friends together and video chat with up to 9 people from any corners of the world.

The Galaxy Nexus is has a unique 4.65'' HD 720p sAMOLED display which makes text, video, games look vibrant and rich. Measuring in at just 8.84mm thick, the device features a Contour Display that matches perfectly alongside its slim, curved design.

Running at 4G speeds, you may find two versions of the handset, LTE and HSPA+. The 1.2GHz dual-core processor is more than capable of sustaining fast apps and high-definition gaming. The camera a 5MP single motion panoramic one capable of 1080p videos while in the front you can find a 1.3MP snapper. Automatic focus, zero shutter lag and great low-light performance makes up for the small number of megapixels. There you have it - the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, top of the notch smartphone.

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